October 2009

How about domains in hindi?
Yes that is going to be true very soon. ICANN Internet domain name regulatory body has revealed its plan to allow non latin domain names including Hindi, Greek, Chinese and Arabic.

Few thoughts:

  • The regional domain names will limit the usage of domain name by people who actually know the language.
  • Only people who can write in local language and who can use language keywords will be able to type the domain name to open the website.
  • This mean there will be need of a browser plugin that will allow engligh keyboard to be used to type these regional language domains. (more…)

Real time search

By:   ~  Google, Tech talk  ~  October 28th, 2009

I am now fascinating by real time search. I cannt stop myself finding a solution to integrate a real time search results to www.thecricfanclub.com
I think it will be useful and engaging for cricket fans of TCFC. Found OneRiot that provides API for real time search, and Yahoo is about to use it to compete with Google Social Search.
I am thinking different ways to improve the realtime search for Cricket fans of Thecricfanclub.com

  • Realtime conversation from twitter, facebook and digg about each player and teams
  • Realtime Scores
  • Realtime popular photos & videos
  • and probably most popular real time cricket fan, :)

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    Google is experimenting on social search that will search public web content from people in your social circle. Interesting humm….

    After initial consideration I had few questions popping in my mind:

    • How it will effect my search results as overall?
    • Do I really care to find what people are doing in my circlet?
    • Will it be a special search, or a part of web search?
    • How much more time I will waste to see what people are doing? (Without social search people already spending enogh time to know what others are doing, isnt that human nature to be more interested in seeing what others doing?) (more…)