June 2011

Why to choose HTML5

By:   ~  Knowledge Sharing  ~  June 17th, 2011

HTML5 is doing wonders. HTML5 with combination of CSS3 & Javascript can do almost everything that we can do with Flash and also it is fast as it will execute on client end. There are some important elements that HTML5 has:

  • First <canvas> & <svg> tags; these tags allow designer to create almost full image without using any image.
  • Next <video> tag; it allows one to add video into HTML web page without using embed tag. It is as simple as <img> tag in HTML4.
  • Next is data caching, which I like most about HTML5. HTML5 allows you to maintain and then cache from visitor’s system using “menifest”.
  • And there are some special tags for SEO purpose also, they include <article>,<section>, <nav>, <aside>; Probably in near future these tags really gona help SEO onpage practices. (more…)
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