July 2012

Transition of social network users from Orkut to Facebook gave a positive hand to Mark Zuckenburg, but should he worry about the number 1 current position of Facebook? Is this decade belongs to currently world’s largest social networking site Facebook or to slowly and steadily growing Google+? Well, the data from American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report is in the favor of Google+!

According to ACSI’s current report on user satisfaction index of social networking sites, Google+ stands way ahead than Facebook. Facebook is quickly becoming the least liked social media site while on the same index; Google+ topped the list followed by Wikipedia and YouTube.

The satisfaction level of Facebook users has decreased by 7.6% as compared to previous year’s data. As per the report, the main reason why people dislike Facebook is the frequent nature of tweaks to its user interface, including the launch of a new Timeline profile. High stress on advertisement is another reason. Facebook scored 61 points out of 100 as compared to 66 points last year.


Scores By Industry

Scores By Industry

On the other hand, Google+ , that is included in the list for the 1st time, has scored 78 points in the index, as Google+ puts less stress for advertising; the report says.

Even LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, scores better than Facebook in the customer satisfaction index with a score of 63. YouTube, which is owned by Google, scored 73, Pinterest too, scored an attractive 73 and Twitter grabbed 64 points.

The penetration level of Facebook is far better than Google+, but if the user experience of Facebook stood at this level & Facebook doesn’t feel the pressure to improve customer satisfaction now, it won’t take much time for users to shift from Facebook to Google+, the same transition that happened a few years ago from Orkut to Facebook.

So, will we see another transition in next 2-3 years, or the Facebook will work hard to improve the user experience and satisfaction. Let’s wait and watch.