Recently Google announced 50 more changes in search algorithm after 40 search quality changes in the month of February and 17 search changes in January.
Every Change done by Google only to increase the quality of search results.

Here is the Full List of Google Search Quality Updates

1 Autocomplete with math symbols.
2 Improvements to handling of symbols for indexing.
3 Better scoring of news groupings.
4 Sitelinks data refresh.
5 Improvements to autocomplete backends, coverage.
6 Better handling of password changes.
7 Better indexing of profile pages.
8 UI refresh for News Universal.
9 Improvements to results for navigational queries.
10 High-quality sites algorithm data update and freshness improvements.
11 Live results for UEFA Champions League and KHL.
12 Tennis search feature.
13 More relevant image search results.
14 Fresher image predictions in all languages.
15 SafeSearch algorithm tuning.
16 Tweaks to handling of anchor text.
17 Simplification to Images Universal codebase.
18 Better application ranking and UI on mobile.
19 Improvements to freshness in Video Universal.
20 Fewer undesired synonyms.
21 Better handling of queries with both navigational and local intent.
22 Improvements to freshness.
23 Improvements to processing for detection of site quality.
24 Better interpretation and use of anchor text.
25 Better local results and sources in Google News.
26 Deprecating signal related to ranking in a news cluster.
27 Fewer “sibling” synonyms.
28 Better synonym accuracy and performance.
29 Retrieval system tuning.
30 Less aggressive synonyms.
31 Update to systems relying on geographic data.
32 Improvements to name detection.
33 Updates to personalization signals.
34 Improvements to Image Search relevance.
35 Remove deprecated signal from site relevance signals.
36 More precise detection of old pages.
37 Tweaks to language detection in autocomplete.
38 Improvements in date detection for blog/forum pages.
39 More predictions in autocomplete by live rewriting of query prefixes.
40 Expanded sitelinks on mobile.
41 More accurate short answers.
44 Migration of video advanced search backends.
45 +1 button in search for more countries and domains.
46 Local result UI refresh on tablet.

Few changes earlier by Google and blogged too

4 Responses to 50 Search Quality Updates by Google in April 2012

  1. Manisha says:

    Very nice Sir..Really liked your post. Appreciated !

  2. Sourabh Rana says:

    @manisha Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog with us. Its really very informative. I am going to bookmark it now.

  4. azhure says:

    google is simply unexpectable, some of stated here is already implemeneted a few months,what im most worried of is the specific algorithm they use in search results. Anyways, quite a list for those doesnt know much about SEO

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