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By:   ~    ~  October 27th, 2009

In 2002, a small web development company was founded in Ludhiana, India by Hiren Patel and Sunil Kapoor. Entering the local Indian market, where websites and online marketing were not considered essential, Gravity set about to educate the local market of doing business online. With local perceptions, Gravity struggled to secure enough business in the local market and the only option was to expand to an international client base.

Using the internet, Gravity set off to seek business in international markets where awareness of online solutions and their importance was much higher. Within a few years, Gravity was working with numerous clients from the US, Canada and UK. With their growing client base and increasing project portfolio, Gravity invested heavily in their staff to establish a clear competitive edge. The results were evident with quality solutions delivered in a much faster time.

With business growing and the majority of clients located abroad, it made sense to establish an international presence in London. Slowly, business started to grow in the UK and with it the team in India was expanded. With its international growth, Gravity’s reputation in the local market grew attracting some of the best talent in the area. With its entrepreneurial and fast pace environment, Gravity cultivates a culture of constant learning and development amongst its staff.

In 2008, the global financial crisis struck and Gravity’s international business, particularly the UK, was affected resulting in the first downsizing in Gravity’s history. Unlike our competitors, Gravity took the approach to also invest in training and knowledge to resist the recession and build a stronger offering for our clients. Helping our clients grow through the recession is no doubt the key factor in Gravity’s growth despite the tough economic trading conditions.

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