How to make resolution for new year 2012

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Hey all. I wish you all and myself a very best 2012. Lets set our goals for this year, personal and professional both. Lets sent milestones for each goal and get going.

We always talk about making a resolution for new year and very few including me can stick to it for a long time. I tried making a resolution at the end of 2010 for 2011 and now when I look back I can see I have made good progress and achieved most of it. Life is too small to not fulfil all our desires and long enough to give us enough time to fulfil all our desires. Therefore if we start now we can achieve all we want. What happens when we make a resolution? (more…)

Tribute to Steve Jobs

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He is truly an inspiration for me. A man from future, who gave us future technologies and gadgets today.

Steve Jobs

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Am i making difference?

Well this is an interesting post written by seth godinHow to get a job with a small company” which I think is worth talking about. As an employer I always wanted that if any of our employee can do bit extra but I think it’s Indian mentality or attitude that most of the employees donot understand this. For them if they stay longer hours, take up challenges when asked for, show up in meetings but contribute nothing, say positive things (But not necessarily do it), these kind of attitude will make positive impact on employer. But most of the time it is not making much difference to employer. If you can help in any way it will make huge difference not only to the corporation but to their own skills too. Selling is something each organisation need. And if an employee can help you selling then there is nothing like it.

Lets see what Seth Godin is saying in his post:

Many times our google analytics traffic reports are biased by our own, seo or web developer’s traffic. And some time it may effect your reports significantly. Therefore it is highly recommended to exclude your own traffic from Analytics. Which is fairly simple to do.

Just install following Google Analytics Opt Out Browser Add-on which has been developed by Google. This Add-on is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

10 SEO, Business & Inspirational Blogs I follow

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Being entrepreneur I need lots of inspiration, self learning and then do experiments on my beliefs from learnings. I love to know about SEO, Internet marketing and business. Because I think that seo and internet marketing is directly linked to my business, my client’s businesses and my employees too. (more…)