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Well this is an interesting post written by seth godinHow to get a job with a small company” which I think is worth talking about. As an employer I always wanted that if any of our employee can do bit extra but I think it’s Indian mentality or attitude that most of the employees donot understand this. For them if they stay longer hours, take up challenges when asked for, show up in meetings but contribute nothing, say positive things (But not necessarily do it), these kind of attitude will make positive impact on employer. But most of the time it is not making much difference to employer. If you can help in any way it will make huge difference not only to the corporation but to their own skills too. Selling is something each organisation need. And if an employee can help you selling then there is nothing like it.

Lets see what Seth Godin is saying in his post:

  1. Small businesses always need people who can sell, because selling pays for itself. It’s not an expense, it’s a profit center.
    We need multi talented people who not only help selling but help overall growth of an organisation. But most of the time we donot know what else we can do except what we are doing. E.g. You can help keep clean the office and motivate others to do the same. You can write blog, keep your boss informed about new skills you have learned and share your knowledge with other employees. You can share additional responsibilities. There are so many things you can contribute for.
  2. Next thing Seth is saying “Learn to write”.
    Thats very true, if you can write well you are already helping your organisation selling something. You donot have to be perfect but you can write, rest I think your employer can do editing or find some one to fine tune your writing. So dont shy to write, more you write more you improve your skills. In fact if your write-ups are published in company blog, newsletters or white papers, you are building your own brand too. Which will be of great advantage for you in future.
  3. Learn to produce extraordinary video and multimedia
    So its like writing and seth says most people do afraid of it too. You know I will like to publish the doodles or wire frames you made on paper during your discussions about project. Thats great source of images, an artist cannt produce it what you can produce with originality. Making video is game of kids now, window movie maker is easy to use.

According to Seth and me too, these all things needs GUTS not money. Do you have these guts? Most people dont have it.

According to Him

When you show up and offer to go prospecting on spec, offer to contribute a website or a sales letter or some sales calls–with no money on the table–many small business people will take you up on it, particularly if they are cash-strapped, profit-oriented and know you by reputation. (Please don’t overlook that last one).

Hint: don’t merely show up and expect a yes. It’s something you earn over time…The rest is easy.

Once you demonstrate that you contribute far more than you cost, now it’s merely a matter of figuring out a payment schedule.

So if you have guts offer your skills, small help and contributions to your employer. He/She will love it.

Read full article of Seth Godin here How to get a job with small company.

2 Responses to Can you offer extra to your employer in existing or new job?

  1. Sourabh Rana says:

    Thanks Sir for this wonderful thoughts who motivates us for betterment of company as well as ourselves too. I agree that writing has many benefits which only writer can feel in his personality after some time.

  2. Thanks for sharing…It really worthful reading !

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