In past few months I have adviced many of my clients to use wordpress as content management system. There are many reasons to suggest wordpress as cms for website such as:

  • Easy to change designeswordpress-logo

      WordPress themes quickly meeting ever changing design requirements of the client.

    • Speed
      Themes & Plugins for wordpress makes life easier for the developers.
      Clients wonders how quickly we implement the complex things, thanks to plugins and plugin developers.
    • Search engine friendly

        There are many seo plugins available such as All in on seo, makes it easy to make website search engine friendly.
        We can specify custom meta details of each page, makes search engine friendly urls and many seo related tasks. Its all very quick and easy.

      • No technology experts required

          Using wordpress as CMS saves lot of coding, designing and implementation time. Over all a website can be managed and tweeked by some one who has some technical awareness, therefore programmers now can concentrate on more complex things rather than day to day activities of managing websites.

        • Low cost

            Clients need professional, quick and scalable solutions at much affordable price.
            I can recommend wordpress for all budget clients. (more…)