2nd SEO meetup went quite well. As expected, there was healthy participation by all the participators. We all observed different opinions, thoughts, and ideas and learned from others experiences.

Unfortunately, the number of participants was less than what we expected and it showed unprofessional attitude of SEO professionals of Ludhiana. Many of professionals who booked space did not turned up. But we are not disappointed and decided to keep organizing more meetups in this series. (more…)

As we all know, we made it! First time in the history of Ludhiana, we organized a SEO meetup in which few SEO professionals participated. We expected more than 40 SEO professionals to attend this meetup but only 26 were able to make it. We are not discouraged by this rather we are encouraged by the success of this SEO meetup. All the SEO professionals participated in open discussions and exchanged views on many SEO topics including Panda, Penguin and other Google Updates. (more…)

Facebook gave a shock to marketers when they announced that nearly 8.7 percent (83 million out of 955 million) of its monthly active user are of no use for marketers as the accounts has been created by people to duplicate their identity or for some other purpose like spamming or are fake or miscategorized. Facebook gave this news during a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As per the quarterly report of Facebook, people in developed nations have created less duplicate or false accounts as compared to developing nations. So, it is less in United States and Australia but considerably more in Turkey & Indonesia.

Facebook says that they have estimated this number after taking internal review of a limited number of accounts taken as sample. The reviewer who find out fake accounts try to identify names that seems to be fake and other behavior of the account creator that seems to be inappropriate or inauthentic.

Facebook provided updated estimate and details about illegitimate accounts. The number could represent approximately 83 million accounts. Company also told that nearly half of the illegitimate accounts are created by people to duplicate their identity, that is, a person who creates one account for connecting to his family and another account for his acquaintance. Facebook provided these details to US Securities and Exchange Commission in its quarterly filing.

A miscategorised account created by a user for his pet, should be represented by a 'Page'

Have you created a user account for your pet or your company? Well, that comes in miscategorised accounts as per Facebook norms. Facebook estimated that out of total users of the social networking site, nearly 2.4 percent accounts are miscategorised, that is accounts created by people for their businesses, companies and pets. Facebook said that these accounts should not be created in user account but should be represented as pages.

Millions of users have created accounts for spamming purpose also. Facebook’s estimate for this is 1.5 percent of monthly active users. These accounts violate terms & conditions of the social networking site.

No doubt, people are using fake accounts for spamming purposes but the estimate number told by Facebook has given a tension to the marketers who use Facebook to communicate their message to target audience. A music startup company has also claimed that nearly 80 percent of clicks on its Facebook ad campaign came from bots. Facebook says they are looking into the matter and will give a solution for sure.

Whatever the solution may be, Facebook should keep a track of all the Sign Ups that they get, and if found something inappropriate, they should warn the user through their account, or else the number will keep on increasing and the trust of marketers on Facebook will decrease.

Transition of social network users from Orkut to Facebook gave a positive hand to Mark Zuckenburg, but should he worry about the number 1 current position of Facebook? Is this decade belongs to currently world’s largest social networking site Facebook or to slowly and steadily growing Google+? Well, the data from American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report is in the favor of Google+!

According to ACSI’s current report on user satisfaction index of social networking sites, Google+ stands way ahead than Facebook. Facebook is quickly becoming the least liked social media site while on the same index; Google+ topped the list followed by Wikipedia and YouTube.

The satisfaction level of Facebook users has decreased by 7.6% as compared to previous year’s data. As per the report, the main reason why people dislike Facebook is the frequent nature of tweaks to its user interface, including the launch of a new Timeline profile. High stress on advertisement is another reason. Facebook scored 61 points out of 100 as compared to 66 points last year.


Scores By Industry

Scores By Industry

On the other hand, Google+ , that is included in the list for the 1st time, has scored 78 points in the index, as Google+ puts less stress for advertising; the report says.

Even LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, scores better than Facebook in the customer satisfaction index with a score of 63. YouTube, which is owned by Google, scored 73, Pinterest too, scored an attractive 73 and Twitter grabbed 64 points.

The penetration level of Facebook is far better than Google+, but if the user experience of Facebook stood at this level & Facebook doesn’t feel the pressure to improve customer satisfaction now, it won’t take much time for users to shift from Facebook to Google+, the same transition that happened a few years ago from Orkut to Facebook.

So, will we see another transition in next 2-3 years, or the Facebook will work hard to improve the user experience and satisfaction. Let’s wait and watch.

Google Plus vs Facebook – Infographic

By:   ~  SMO  ~  June 14th, 2012

Google Plus vs Facebook Infographic

Google launched his social networking service Google + June 28, 2011, because Google ruling the search industry from many years and others search engines Bing & Yahoo are far more to beat the Google for #1 position.  Only Facebook challenged the Google in terms of most active users, popularity & reputation in last few years.

Many internet pundits had believed that Google needs still improvement in Social Media department this is the reason why Google launched Google + a social networking site. Which also very popular now days which crossed 170 million users. It means that Google + is the third most popular social networking site in USA.

Google + is still many miles behind the Facbook which has 850 million users & Twitter have 500 million active users. Yes, the good thing that Google+ is ahead of linkedin having 150 million users.


Kindly give your views on the Google + Vs Facebook.  Can Google + beat the Facebook in coming years.

Infographic Source Pardot.com

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