Facebook Dislike Button & Addon is  100% FAKE

I just looked at a status update from one of my friends on Facebook who is there on my friend’s network. The status was:”

Facebook Dislike button

My first reaction to this was, “ oh very nice, facebook has launched another feature to improve the status and online conversation”, however,  when I searched this again on the Facebook, a fan page opened and informed that in order to install Facebook Dislike Button, I need to Like the following page:

Fake Facebook Dislike Button


Then in the next step, there was a test to check if I am really human. For this, one needed to Like all the below given FB Likes to finally install the button.
Human Test to Stop Spamming

After that they asked to share this Dislike button with your online friends. However, the button would only be visible to you and is not shared with any of your online friends.

Online Friends

After following all the steps and instructions along with the long wait for something to appear, I realized that this is not a genuine Dislike button and is not approved by the facebook developers team.

Similarly, Facebook Dislike addon is also fake addon which steals your privacy and send some irrelevant messages simultaneously. Another user has shared his experience on this Addon on facebook which is :
Fake Facebook Dislike Button Review

This is an ordinary fan page which is created only for fake publicity. So friends beware of this fake Facebook Dislike Button & Addon, which is 100% FAKE. The fact is confirmed by mashable as well.

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