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 By:   ~  New Launch  ~  July 22nd, 2010

free cricket club website design, development and hosting offer

This page was designed for a offer from TheCricFanClub. Page was designed by TJ and Ketan put life into it and made it working. Not sure why TJ is adding flowers and green stuff these days in his designs. I think he is getting greener now because of Global Warming and trying to make Internet more Greener LOL.

Weldone TJ………. Keep your efforts for spreading awareness about Global Warming. Ketan is as usual our Snail, who is vegetarian and who loves green stuff. Thats why he put this page live so quickly (So he can eat his vegieee stuff…….). Wake up Mr. Snail, change your mode now and become at least tortoise……..

Well I liked this page over all, Because TCFC is part of Gravity Informatics I am happyabout this page. TCFC was planning to offer free website design, development and hosting services to cricket clubs around the world. Any cricket club can take advantage of this great offer and it is absolutely free, there are no hidden costs. So far TCFC has designed, developed, hosted and registered domains for 2 clubs, Newham Cricket Club and Southgate Cricket Club in London UK. You can read their testimonial on free website design offer for cricket clubs page.

Both cricket club websites were designed by our design expert Naveet Kapoor, (Hidden tip: some times he produces brilliant designs, I need to talk to his girlfriends and need to bribe them so they keep him happy and he become more creative….. ;) ).

Both these websites are secure and hosted on UK servers. It took almost 6 months to build each of these websites, because these were first websites, clubs didnot knew exactly what they want, and because it was free we had to do it in our free times. But now we have extra resources to develop websites for cricket clubs, we have also prepared a tutorial for admin interface which helps cricket club editor of these websites to easily manage their websites. If all the required details are provided we can now deliver cricket club website within a month. Thats not a bad turn around I think…….

Although these websites are free, but TCFC will never compromise on design, security, hosting and other quality standards of these websites. Hope cricket clubs who has less options to spend money on quality website for their cricket club will take advantage of this great free offer.

2 Responses to Free cricket club website offer page

  1. TJ Singh says:

    HAHA!! Good Thought!! Love IT!

  2. Hiren says:

    Thanks Pulikt.

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