Google Plus vs Facebook – Infographic

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Google Plus vs Facebook Infographic

Google launched his social networking service Google + June 28, 2011, because Google ruling the search industry from many years and others search engines Bing & Yahoo are far more to beat the Google for #1 position.  Only Facebook challenged the Google in terms of most active users, popularity & reputation in last few years.

Many internet pundits had believed that Google needs still improvement in Social Media department this is the reason why Google launched Google + a social networking site. Which also very popular now days which crossed 170 million users. It means that Google + is the third most popular social networking site in USA.

Google + is still many miles behind the Facbook which has 850 million users & Twitter have 500 million active users. Yes, the good thing that Google+ is ahead of linkedin having 150 million users.


Kindly give your views on the Google + Vs Facebook.  Can Google + beat the Facebook in coming years.

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2 Responses to Google Plus vs Facebook – Infographic

  1. marketo says:

    A visual representation of how marketers can make the most of their Lead to Revenue Management investments.

  2. Smith says:

    The only reason behind G+ Top brands from tech industry and FB’s from Non-tech and various industry is that counting of techie users on G+ are more than Fb users.

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