Google is experimenting on social search that will search public web content from people in your social circle. Interesting humm….

After initial consideration I had few questions popping in my mind:

  • How it will effect my search results as overall?
  • Do I really care to find what people are doing in my circlet?
  • Will it be a special search, or a part of web search?
  • How much more time I will waste to see what people are doing? (Without social search people already spending enogh time to know what others are doing, isnt that human nature to be more interested in seeing what others doing?)
  • How will it improve my productivity? (Or will I be wasting more time?)
  • Will this search help me in web, video, image, news, blog and product search aslo?
  • How will it effect online marketing? I am sure Marketing Demons will have some great ideas to make use of new social search. I am scratching my head aswell!!!

It could be a great way to know what people are doing in your circle. I gave a quick look at this and I realised I could know alot about people quite quickly.  But it was not so pleasing because it was only showing results from 5-6 people who are in my google chat and to whom I hardly ever chat in google. So where are the results of those people whom I am more often connectd?

Do you guys also have similar questions in your mind or is it just me?

Lets listen what matt cut is saying here about google social search.

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