Writing a money making article is an art. Choosing an apt title for your article that will not only win you readers but will also increase visitors on your blog/website is in fact a little known secret which I would like to share in my post. While submitting articles is an SEO off page activity, but the technique to increase ranking and traffic to a website or blog through article submission is an art or a skill that you can practice and learn over time.

It is here the topic of your write up and your writing skills come into action. As it is the topic or title of an article that first catches attention of the user. If the topic or title is of interest, the user will halt to ponder and know what the write up is all about. And finally it is your writing skills and the content that will hook the reader and attract more visitors.

Thus daily publication of blog posts is an essential activity if you want to make money from your blog. Since it is easier said than done, the most challenging task is to find an interesting and absorbing topic that can fetch you readers and money.

To make this job easier for you, I am sharing some tips on how to find an apt topic for your blog:

1)     Forums & Question-Answers Sites – Yes, this is the best place to find a niche topic for your blog post. On these forums and question-answer sites not only people discuss about their problems regarding business, websites, health, computer, social, motivational thoughts etc. but also talk about various burning issues which are of interest to majority.

2)     Subscribe the RSS & newsletters – Newsletter & RSS subscriptions helps you to know what people are thinking and how you can make most out of their ideas.

3) Twitter – Twitter is another good source to find some interesting topics for article writing. In over 200 million tweets, you will certainly find some beautiful and worthwhile idea. Well by 200 miliion tweets I did not mean that you read all the massive number of tweets, you just need to ascertain or make out the hottest topic in all those tweets and write a blog post on the same popular topic.

4)    Topic Should Be in Trend – People don’t like reading blogs on old and worn out issues and ideas. It is simply a waste of time and energy. Plus no one wants to get bored reading about the same old issues time and again. So look for novel and burning topics which are of interest to the current date to arouse curiosity and interest in you post.

5)    Follow Best People on the Web – Follow the industry experts which have already very vast amount of experience & knowledge. Follow them on social networking profiles, subscribe their blogs. When they publish something, read their post. It will give a fair idea of what strategies they are employing to get success in online business. Analyze their work strategies, understand what they are doing and how they are doing to be best in their niche.

6)    Habit of Blog Commenting – Get into a habbit of commenting to other’s blog posts. This will not only make your writing interactive but will also open you to other’s ideas and viewpoints along with building a vast readership.

7)     How to’s Articles – People generally like these kind of articles because in these articles, author provides or answers everything which is required by the reader.  For example, “How to Choose Topic for Money Making Blog Article”

8)     Articles With Theme –Set a theme for your articles, for example, for the first week of a month, write on “TOP 10” topic, eg- Top 10 SEO, Business & Insipirational Blogs I Follow in second week,  write about “Best Tips”, eg-10 Tips For Good Website For Your Business and in third week take up “What is” topic, eg- What is SIRI Application in Apple iPhone and finally in the fourth or last wekk of the month, you can write “Reviews” on something, eg, your reviews on SEO Training Institute from Gravity SEO School. Such techniques help you build large reader base by keeping the reader interested and hooked.


9)     Share Resources – Always make sure that you share your resources with the reader. Sharing of resources with your article readers always increase the chances of readers coming again and sharing your blog on social networking sites. People generally like and follow  the  “Forum Posting Sites List” , “Social bookmarking sites list” or “Top do-follow Blogs” so sharing of these resources increase your sites visibility on the web.


10) Talk about the future – While there is no harm in writing about your past accomplishments’ or achievements, but what people like reading the most is how you make strategies and action plans for the future so that they can implement the same and achieve success in their respective fields.  A good example would be, “An SEO Playbook For 2012”.


11) Publish Success Stories – Share your success stories if you are already doing very well in business. Success stories will not only increase the graph of your sales but will also increase traffic to your website. You can share with the readers some of your business secrets. By secrets I do not mean all of your secrets and strategies but only those, which can be easily adopted by everyone for success. You can also share success stories of other people and talk about how they achieved their life’s goals. You can publish video interviews or reviews of their sites.


12) Be Confident – At last, be sure and confident about what you are writing and publishing on the web. You should be confident about what you are talking with readers because if you publish some content which shows that you have lack of knowledge in this niche it can destroy all your online reputation. So always proofread your articles before publishing.

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2 Responses to How to Choose Topic for Money Making Blog Article

  1. dinesh says:

    sir, i hav visited n read the hints and suggestions regarding the topic “how to choose topic for money making blog article”. it is very interesting and helpful for a beginner. but still i am in confuse to choose a topic as i am new in this field. so if you please suggest me some probable topics.


  2. Sourabh Rana says:

    Hello Dinesh,

    These are the places from where you get the ideas on choosing the right topic for your blog. I also follow these techniques and found very satisfied results. Just do practice of these tips and rest you will know how to find topic for your blog or article.

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