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How to find the right Web designer or developer

good web designer and developerWhenever we have an idea or a requirement for a website, we start searching for a web designer, which is one of the most important and difficult aspects.

I was reading a great post by Neil Patel about finding good web designer and developer. Neil has written a great post and I would like to add some tips which I have learnt from many years experience in recruiting web developers. There are a number of things you should prepare for before you start searching for your web developer.

The following list will help you to explain your requirements to your prospective developer as well as ensuring you select the right person for the job.

Research and identify your requirements

  1. Look at your competitor’s websites to give you an idea of other websites in your industry. Make a list of things you like such as elements on home page, banner, menu, etc. This exercise will give you more ideas about content and functionalities for your website.
  2. Make a list of pages or elements you need in your website. E.g.;
    • Home
    • About us
    • Services
      • Service 1
      • Service 2
    • Clients
    • Gallery or Portfolio
    • Contact us
  3. Decide what content should be on each page.
    It is usually helpful for the designer if you provide draft content. A designer will not create content / copy for your website as this is specific to your business and should be prepared by the website owner. You can however use a content writer to improve and finalise your content.

Design requirements

Once you have checked your competitor’s websites and have an idea of the elements, content and functionalities that you require for your website, make a list of your design requirements that you can give to your designer.

Development requirements

In addition to above mentioned design requirements if you consider few of followings, it will be helpful for you to find a developer.

Now you have both the design and development requirements ready you should follow Neil’s suggestions. Along with his tips, I have few more tips that you might like to consider.

Make sure your website meets criteria such as:

My Personal Suggestions:


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