How to make resolution for new year 2012

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Hey all. I wish you all and myself a very best 2012. Lets set our goals for this year, personal and professional both. Lets sent milestones for each goal and get going.

We always talk about making a resolution for new year and very few including me can stick to it for a long time. I tried making a resolution at the end of 2010 for 2011 and now when I look back I can see I have made good progress and achieved most of it. Life is too small to not fulfil all our desires and long enough to give us enough time to fulfil all our desires. Therefore if we start now we can achieve all we want. What happens when we make a resolution?

  • We are making a commitment to ourself.
  • We are telling nature and universe our desires and goals.
  • And telling universe that I am ready for it.
  • Universe and nature takes it’s time to align opportunities for you to fulfil your desires.

Now it depends upon you if you are capable and ready to identify those opportunities at right time or miss it. Optimist will be able to identify the opportunity and pessimist will find plenty of excuses for not finding an opportunity.

So here are my tips to make an effective new year resolution:

  • Find a place where no one can disturb you. Switch off your mobile and laptops. Try not to get distracted by any one or any devices. So select time and place very carefully.
  • Take one paper and write down all that you want to do in 2012. Dont worry if this list get long and you have hundreds of things to do.
  • Now take a short break of 5 minutes.
  • Read the list you prepared and mark top 20 most important things you want to do in this year. Rest can wait for coming years.
  • This list should not necessarily contain things you want to finish in this year. Few goals may be longer term may be few years or life time. But you can include those in this year’s resolution to take first few steps which will help you to get closer to your long term goals in consequent years.
  • Now read your list again and be honest with your self. Ask your self do I really want to do this? If the answer is yeas keep it in your list of top 20 if answer is no take it out of the list.
  • Now ask your self what are the challenges you will face to achieve these goals? How will you face these challenges? Visualise each resolution in your list and see yourself facing challenges.
  • Visualise that you have achieved your resolution, and feel what was the feeling of that moment? Are you satisfied and happy when you visualise achieving it?
  • Repeat above three steps for all 20 resolutions.
  • Dont worry if your list gets shorter and if there are only few resolutions left.
  • Now write all the resolutions which you feel committed to achieve in a new piece of paper.
  • Dont throw the original list you made, it will be helpful next year.
  • Dont forget to write date, time and place on the paper when and where you prepared it. This will help you know next year when did you prepared this list.
  • Now fold these papers and keep it in safe place where you can easily recover it.

Now just live your life as usual. You will ask how will I achieve my resolutions now? If you perform all above mentioned exercises you are taking time to do it. You are spending quality time with your self and for your self. When you begin to do it you have mentally committed to yourself and nature. When you write it takes time but while we think it is just fraction of moments and our thoughts donot gets strong enough to reach outside world. But when you write you spend sufficient time to make your thoughts stronger and it can now travel through the universe and nature.

Universe gives equal opportunity to every one to fulfil their desires, but your desires should be strongly embedded into your thoughts. Above steps helps you to tell your desires to universe. And because you are doing it at the beginning of the year you are giving time to universe, you are giving 365 days to universe to give you right opportunity and time.

All above activities will help you suck your own desires, resolutions into yourself and nature. Now if you have performed above activities honestly you will not have to take that piece of paper everyday and recall your resolutions.

It happened with me same way. Once I wrote it I didnot took it out until yesterday and then I found most of the resolutions has been achieved. I had a long list and I made some progress on entire list. That was awesome.

I wish it will help you too. Share with me that how you made your resolutions. And bookmark this page so that next year you can come back in share with me that did it worked or not.

I will reply each comment for sure.

Once again Happy New Year and good luck, May you achieve all your resolutions in 2012 and coming years.

Hiren Patel

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  1. Manisha says:

    Very nice Share…I’m definitely going to use these tips…Thanks for it !!!!!

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