No one is unaware from his name, his contributions, his company or his personal life. But let me take a chance to remind all of us about- Steven Paul Jobs better known as King of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. San Francisco will be proud of giving birth to such a person who not only brought evolutions but given a privileged-filled life. But can you believe, his annual salary was just $1. Isn’t it hard to believe that owner and CEO of Apple Inc. is taking home just $1 ? But seriously, He was ! And for many years, he didn’t even took Bonuses.

Steven Paul Jobs
Being a follower of him, really wishes to say He is true idol of almost everyone. Belongs to a such a middle-group family, he made efforts to established himself in such a good way that his family is now considered into 136th Richest Family on the earth.  A person who changed the whole Computer revolution deserves a round of applause along with Salutes. He always believed in following the moto, ‘Think Different’ and he did as well.

In the end, would like to say, Think Different and atleast try to put Ding in the Universe. Amazingly, that would be a great achievement !


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  1. hamadi says:

    He is someone who fought for his idea. All we can to be better than him. Strong if our will

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