How about domains in hindi?
Yes that is going to be true very soon. ICANN Internet domain name regulatory body has revealed its plan to allow non latin domain names including Hindi, Greek, Chinese and Arabic.

Few thoughts:

  • The regional domain names will limit the usage of domain name by people who actually know the language.
  • Only people who can write in local language and who can use language keywords will be able to type the domain name to open the website.
  • This mean there will be need of a browser plugin that will allow engligh keyboard to be used to type these regional language domains.

Who will be the first to register these domains?

Big brands
Government organisations
Domain traders (gamblers)

But I ams till confused how will the domain extension be? Will it be still .com, .net .info or will it be also in hindi?

What domain I will like to book? (Not chienese or arabic lol)
Not sure yet…….

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