As we all know, we made it! First time in the history of Ludhiana, we organized a SEO meetup in which few SEO professionals participated. We expected more than 40 SEO professionals to attend this meetup but only 26 were able to make it. We are not discouraged by this rather we are encouraged by the success of this SEO meetup. All the SEO professionals participated in open discussions and exchanged views on many SEO topics including Panda, Penguin and other Google Updates.

Although, we little diverted from the basic idea of the event but we agreed at the end that next meetups will be more about discussions rather than presentations.

In this event we realized that the time was insufficient for the meetup, so we would definitely increase the time span for the next such meetup.

The topic was “We are at war with Google”Mr. Amardeep Singh, SEO professional from Gravity Informatics gave presentation on “Google EMD update”. Mr. Kamaldeep Singh who is the project lead at Gravity Informatics presented his views about 11 Hot SEO Tips That Every Blogger Must Know, whereas Mr. Ram Babu who is working at Cyber Frame as SEO team lead gave presentation about Google Panda and Penguin updates. All speakers were bit nervous in the beginning including myself, the CEO but as event progressed we all gained momentum and confidence flowed in our speech.

On watching the video next day, we found that plenty of improvement is required in our speech. There was repetition of words which made the speech less effective. We will work on it for sure.  Anyone who is interested to get the videos of this meetup can contact us.

These meetups will help us improving our presentation, speaking, networking skills along with help us to give our best as SEO professionals.

Major Questions asked at this meetup?

  • Content
    • Who should create Content?
    • Who should be part of Content team?
    • Educate customer too about generating content
    • Does software help ranking?
    • Does Adsense help indexing or crawling or ranking?
    • Does character length in Domain effects on Rank.
    • Will Google not rank a website that has built a unique and excellent content but have no links and has not considered basic SEO techniques such as Meta tags etc.?

Other questions sprouted during meetup in my Mind

  • Does Link Wheel still work?
  • Does free directories still works?
  • Creative ways of building links
  • What is effective SMO? Is it just getting maximum likes, tweets, etc?
  • How to get more G-plus?
  • What is spamming? Does our normal SEO activities fall into spam
  • EMD? Can it extend to URLs (Page name)
  • How to optimise for Yahoo and Bing?
  • Should we not use keywords in anchor tags for link building?
  • How to look Genuine in Link Building?
  • How to compare competitors?
  • Will Guest Blogging be equally effective in future? Will it not be considered as spam technique?

Ideas during meet-up

  • Natural Link Building? We don’t mind if thousands of links are build within a day when a new content has been published.
  • Let’s do experiments on SEO

Vows we took at this meetup

  • Let’s be amongst the best SEO’s of the world.
  • Members of this meetup should conduct experiments for un-answered queries. Cost of experiments can be covered by Gravity Informatics and the meetup members.
  • This meetup should be conducted more frequently in Ludhiana and lets carry on the tag of being first in the city.
  • Setup a closed Discussion Forum that will be only accessible to the active members of this meetup. We will utilise this forum to build a personal knowledge pool where we can share SEO tools, tips, experiments and results, ideas and experiences so that we can be best SEO professionals of the world.

To see all the photographs of this meetup, kindly go to the following link:

Next meetup

We have decided to organise next meetup on 25th November 2012, which is almost a week after Diwali. We look forward for you all to attend this event. The success of this meetup will depend upon how many more SEO professionals attend this meet-up.  We expect at least 50 SEO professionals attend the next meetup and utilize all abilities and experiences to make next meetup successful.

Please invite as many SEO professionals as you know. Anyone can join the meetup group at the following link:

Kindly download the Power Point Slides of the Meetup held on 14th of October, 2012 at the following link:

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