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Am i making difference?

Well this is an interesting post written by seth godinHow to get a job with a small company” which I think is worth talking about. As an employer I always wanted that if any of our employee can do bit extra but I think it’s Indian mentality or attitude that most of the employees donot understand this. For them if they stay longer hours, take up challenges when asked for, show up in meetings but contribute nothing, say positive things (But not necessarily do it), these kind of attitude will make positive impact on employer. But most of the time it is not making much difference to employer. If you can help in any way it will make huge difference not only to the corporation but to their own skills too. Selling is something each organisation need. And if an employee can help you selling then there is nothing like it.

Lets see what Seth Godin is saying in his post:

Well I have discussed this with many Gravitians in the past. But I will like to raise this topic again so that we can boost motivation and productivity. Gravity is on growth path and going to become a known IT company sooner, therefore I hope this offer will be of interest to all those Gravitians who are conscious about future, who have trust in the company management and who have faith in themself. (more…)