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This  Permanent 301 redirection Guide for SEO to solve all redirection problems and questions.  In this 301 redirection guide you get the answers for following questions

1)      Problems in 301 redirection

2)      When we use Permanent 301 redirection

3)      What is the use of 301 redirection in SEO

4)      How to do 301 Redirect to new url or new domain

301 URL redirection from .htaccess to new url is always a tricky or a not very pleasant situation for webmasters. There are plenty of questions and doubts which arise in the following areas


How to find the right Web designer or developer

By:   ~  How to  ~  December 16th, 2009

good web designer and developerWhenever we have an idea or a requirement for a website, we start searching for a web designer, which is one of the most important and difficult aspects.

I was reading a great post by Neil Patel about finding good web designer and developer. Neil has written a great post and I would like to add some tips which I have learnt from many years experience in recruiting web developers. There are a number of things you should prepare for before you start searching for your web developer.

The following list will help you to explain your requirements to your prospective developer as well as ensuring you select the right person for the job.