What is Off-Page Optimization in SEO

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Off-Page in SEO

Off-Page & On-page are the two strongest pillers of Search engine optimization & whole website optimization is based on on-page & off-page because without this online promotion is not possible.  In my previous post On-Page Optimization SEO Activities for Ranking I covered all On-Page activities which we do for on-site optimization.

Off-Page site optimization in search engine optimization is an art of getting more relevant and good PR one-way backlinks which helps to increase the ranking of keywords in search engines and bring more quality traffic on site which converts into sale.   Off-Page is very strong part of Search engine optimization this is fact that no web site in this get more exposure without good relevant links on web.  Why we always rush for One-way links because google counts your website links on other’s site as a VOTE . Ex- site A has link on site B home page Google Counts as a vote for site A from site B. So more votes means chances of winning the race are higher than your competitors.

One thing here I wanna to clear that Links are Links whether it is a do-follow or no-follow.  I saw on many  SEO forums “How to find Do-follow blogs” or “Where to find Do-follow blogs”. Link building is an smart SEO technique and you have to implement with very carefully. Google loves links on good PR pages,  high authority sites, old age domain sites, and related to niche.  If you are getting link on high PR site whether it is a No-follow link so don’t miss put your link there.

Link Building From SMO

Now links creation from SMO is in trends in 2011 and it shows very fruitful results too.  SMO is very smart method to increase your backlinks  from social networking sites because people share your web page very frequently if  page is on very interesting topic and people are find interesting to read they will share this page as much as they can.  Following are the SEO Off-Page activities which we do to create links for site.  Read here For On-Page optimization SEO Activities


Off-Page SEO Activities

1) Articles submissions

2) Blog  Creation

3) Blog Promotion

4) Blog Submissions in blog directories

5) Blog commenting

6) Forum Postings

7) Directory Submissions

8 ) Yahoo Answers

9) Classified Submissions

10) Competitor  Analysis

11) Classified Submissions

12) Social Pages ( Hubpages, Squidoo)

13) Social Bookmarking Submisssions

14) Link Exchange ( Reciprocal , Three way )

15) Podcast Submissions

16) RSS Feed Submission

17) Ping Sites

18) Top Commentators Widget

19) Guest Blogging

20) Press Release Submissions

21) Profile creations Links

22) Video Creations & Promotions

23) Social networking sites ( facebook,twitter,Linkedin,friendfeed)

24) Search Engine Submissions

25) Backlink Profile Creations

26) PPT Submissions

27) PDF File Creation & Submissions

28) Image Optimization & Submissions in filickr like sites

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