What is Social Media Optimization?

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What is SMO( Social Media Optimization)?

SMO stands for social media optimization. SMO is a technique to attract visitors on a website from your networks on social networking sites. SMO is one of the best techniques for online promotion & increase brand awareness.  With the growing popularity of social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc., SMO plays a very important role in online marketing.  SEO’s think that SMO is a link building method but it is trust building between you and your readers of posts, customers of your company.

Given the ever growing popularity of SMOs, some experts believe that the days of SEO (search engine optimization ) are over and era of SMO(Social media optimization)has began. However, I personally do not give in to these beliefs. As I feel both Seo and SMO are crucial to a website’s popularity. While Seo helps to make backlinks, increase a site’s rank in a search engine and attract traffic, SMO helps to increase the company brand views on these networking sites like twitter, f acebook,  google+, Stumbleupon and many more.

While Social media Optimization is similar to search engine marketing, both differ in some ways. SMO helps to drive traffic from social networking sites & search engines by improving search engine ranking.  Add to these sharing methods like RSS feed, facebook, twitter, delicious and many other on your site and you are bound to increase the visibility of your site.

So if you are looking to attract huge traffic on your websites with the help of SMO, then you should use good and useful content on your web portal. If your web content is beneficial and informative for others then people would automatically like, share, retweet  your post and increase your visibility on internet.

Top Social Networking Sites :

These all are best social networking sites that will provide best results for your website’s popularity and success:

FACEBOOK: Facebook is one of the best social networking sites now days. You can promote your online business with the help of facebook. There is an option to create a facebook fan page. If you want to take benefit from facebook then you should regularly manage your fan page and post unique and informative content at least once in a week to build a fans network on facebook.

Stumbleupon: Stumbleupon is a discovery engine that helps to find and provide web content to its users. You can share your content, photos etc. with your followers, after reading they can like or dislike your post.

Twitter: Twitter is also very  popular social networking sites. Twitter is famous because it takes only 140 characters. The basic purpose of twitter is to share a short messages or updates with others. Another advantage of twitter is that it is easy to pick up followers on twitter. If you are regular in posting tweets, then more people are definitely going to follow you.

DIGG:  Digg is a social sites where you can discover and share a content anywhere on the web. People can share a stories, news, articles on a Digg.Digg provide a useful tools to their users to discover a content, discuss about the topic, like and dislike of content etc.

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